Thursday, 16 January 2014

Revolutionary Hair Ties.

Let me start of by sending out my greatest apologies for the past month as i've been super duper busy with exams and revision and saying goodbye to everyone who either jet setting their way across the pond or just heading back to uni! please forgive me! 

Secondly, let me introduce you to my favourite product of 2014! ( i know it's only middle of January but i have to start with something right? ) A large sum of you probably have no idea what i'm talking about, they haven't have much publicity and bloggers haven't written an awful lot about these bad boys! I'm talking about the new H&M hair bobbles!


As a girl with long, thick hair, hair bobbles have always been something that i constantly carry around with me, either in my bag or on my wrists! These bobbles never, and i mean NEVER  get hair caught in them and lets be honest, they look pretty damn cool too so wearing them on my wrists has never been an issue! I have been wearing these for the better part of 2014 and not once has my hair been caught in them and a bonus is that you can stretch them to unbelievable sizes or just wrap it round twice and it will still grip onto your hair for dear life! If you chose the first option and want to go for a tighter pony tail ( can be other styles, i'm just a huge fan of a high pony) then the bobble will actually shrink back to it's normal size in a matter of minutes so it never loses it's elasticity! I'm sort of rambling about these now but these are just something i would buy over and over and over and over, you get the idea, again! They also come in different thickness and colour and just go buy them! Go! NOW!

H&M Hair Ties £1.50

Josephine Jane <3

Friday, 3 January 2014

To Do List


Merry Christmas everyone and happy new year, i know, i know, i've taken a tiny step away from blogger over the festive period mainly because i stepped on my laptop and the screen broke but also so i can spend time with my family and friends! In this time i decided that it dont want a "new me" or a "better year" because frankly 2013 was my favourite year so far. I decided instead of making resolutions to lose weight or join a gym or give up drinking that i wanted to form a "To Do List" of reasonable things that i want to do within 2014, so lets get started.

1. Revisit Scotland! Possibly my favourite place on the planet and taking a trip back would be all i need.
2. Keep up to date with any series i choose to watch, i'm a nightmare for losing track
3. Be more adventurous with my make-up, more colourful and more bold!
4. Say YES more! Even if it's just a drink with the girls, i'll never get the opportunity to have that night again       so just say yes.
5. Finally, Go to at least 5 places i've never been, whether it be in the UK or across the pond!

Has anyone got any resolutions or plans this year ?

Josephine Jane <3

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Maybe it's more than it cracked up to be.


Maybelline is one of my favourite drugstore beauty brands simply because of how good the products are, plain and simple! I find it affordable and the majority of my everyday makeup routine is Maybelline so there's that and the Falsies can do no wrong in my books! 

Anyhow, back to the point! If any of you beauty lovers out there follow maybelline on Instagram @maybelline or their blog +Maybelline NY Mx you may have seen a product that they call the "Face Studio Hi-Lighting Blushes and Bronzers". It isn't on shelves yet and is set to be released in January, i'm not sure if that it's in the UK or not yet but either way this product looks so appealing to me! As a fan of highlighted blushers, not so much bronzers, this product just seems like it would be a wonder to add into my make-up collection! I will be purchasing this on the website come January, could i get away with calling it a late christmas present ? 

Just look how pretty they are ! 

Josephine Jane <3 

Monday, 9 December 2013

Girl Meets Pearl

Hello world.

Benefit makeup is my all time favourite brand (or at least one of) I love the quality of their products and as i live in a city which contains no MAC or NARS counters, this is the make-up brand i browse almost daily in my local Boots store. One of my all time favourite products by Benefit is the "High Beam" and it's essentially a liquid highlighter. All i do is pop it the top of my cheekbones to enhance them and down the middle of my nose and it makes my skin look so luminous and as close to perfect as it'll be!

To my dismay i ran out mid-week last week so i nipped to the counter and the lady recommended i try "Girl meets Pearl" so i took her advice and gave it a shot! I'm not going to lie and say this product is a world away from the High Beam, in fact, it so similar that someone who didn't know make-up could just mistake it for the exact same thing. However in my opinion is just slightly tips the High Beam and the packaging is simply out of the world...not only beautiful but pretty user friendly too! I would say the main difference between the two products is the shimmer in the "girl meets pearl" is slightly less obvious which i do prefer myself! Would i buy this product again? 100%

Girl Meets Pearl £24.50

High Beam (sorry about the teeny bottle, this one is from a set) 
For a full size bottle £19.50 

Which Benefit products are your favourite?

Josephine Jane <3

Monday, 2 December 2013



I went shopping today, 3 days before payday so you can imagine what my bank balance/ overdraft is currently looking like! I went to pick up some eyelashes cause i'm going out tonight and ironically i picked up a lot of stuff none of which were eyelashes! I went to superdrug, tactically avoided boots, then onto topshop, primark, and H&M.


Maybelline Falsies Mascara £7.99
this is a re-re-purchase and my favourite mascara 

Rimmel Colour Rush Balm in 700, not an illusion and 220, Rumour has it £5.99 each
I'm a sucker for a lip crayon in the day and i've heard good things about this one so i thought i would invest and these 2 colours just stood out for me. 

Large Cotton Wool Pads £1.69
Perfect for removing make-up/cleansing etc. 

Blow Pro Conditioner £4.90
Never tried, let alone heard of this brand so i thought i'd give it a try and see what i made of it as they didn't have my usual favourites in store. 


Jeans £38.
Topshop jeans are my all time favourite jeans, they never sag at the knees which i love and although you can't really tell on this picture the colour of these are such a nice shade of blue. 


Grey Jersey £7.99
I love these tops for just lounging around the house and the long sleeves make it ideal for winter 

Tshirt £9.99 
Again, i think this is really cute for lounging around and just slobbing out 

Woven Dress £14.99 
This is a very nice fitting dress for an hourglass figure and it could be worn casually with tights and boots or on a night out with a pair of heels 


3 sets of knickers, polka dot, blue and red all with lace £2.00 each 

2 Bra sets one blue with pink ribbon and one with comic strip on them both £5 

Spongebob socks £1 

Red Candle £2.50 

and that's everything from my 2 hour spree today 

Josephine Jane <3

Friday, 22 November 2013

Sleek Blushes

Hello Monkeypups

Superdrug in the UK in a drugstore and one of the brands they sell are called "Sleek"! Sleek is one of my favourite brands because of it's quality and price ratio, obviously it's not up there with MAC and NARS however for a student who earns barely enough to survive, this is perfection. They do eyeshadow pallets, which i may or may not do a separate post on in the future, and a number of other things from contour kits to powders. Sleek are mainly famous for their blushers and pallets so i decided i would dedicate this blog to the blushers. I also love the packaging, from the outside they look very "sleek" (hilarious!) and the inside they come with a handy mirror and are great for makeup bags.

1. Life's a Peach

This basically says it all in the title, it is meant to be a peach colour however i think it ranges more towards the orange on the scale of things but still this was a staple piece for my summer makeup bag because of how pretty and fresh it looks (especially with a tan) but now this it's heading towards winter i feel like this colour is a bit too fresh so i have kind of shoved it to the back of the drawer for next year, i won't be forgetting it though! It goes on really nicely and it's very pigmented so much so that i used it almost every other day in summer and i'm yet to hit pan.

2. Flushed 

I bought this specifically for autumn/winter time because i thought it was a beautiful colour and i was right! I find that this is so pigmented that you only need the tiniest amount and also it doesn't blend to well over the face so you may need to go over this with a foundation brush once you've done but once it on it looks beautiful. Again, with this one, it sort of does what it says in the name, it gives me the cold, flushed winter look and this has been my main blusher for autumn.

3. Pixie Pink 

Again, this was a summer purchase and although it worked well in summer, i also still use it now so it's a good all round colour. I actually only realised this when doing this blog but the names are pretty accurate to the colour of the blush, i would describe this as a perfect pink colour. I tend not to use it too much in the daytime anymore, however for nights out it gives me a good amount of radiance and flush for the face. This is probably my most used Sleek blush because of how versatile it is.

4. Pomegranate 

After raving about the previous 3, i thought i'd save the come down for last. This was the newest addition to my blusher set and it is very very similar to "flushed" and because i was loving that so much i bought this one. The main difference is that this one has a shimmer effect opposed to the matte effect that "flushed" brings. When i got it home i tried it and it was a huge disappointment! It goes on the skin horribly and i find it difficult to blend even after my foundation brush has had a go over it. It just doesn't do a very good job at all and the shimmer is also quite transparent once it's on the skin so it doesn't make a difference in that sense. I have tried different ways of using this blusher, different brushes, techniques, skin preparation and nothing, because it's so highly pigmented and gives little slip it's just a mess on my face. Not what i need when i'm trying to impress people on my uni course anyway.

Thanks for reading guys...have you tried any other Sleek products?
Josephine Jane <3

Monday, 18 November 2013

Its My Birthday

Hello blogger sphere!

I haven't been the most attentive this week what so ever and i have a valuable reason...I TURNED 21! 17th November 1992, momentous occasion and because of this fantabulous occasion i am dedicating an entire blog post to my birthday weekend! I'm desperately trying to hold on to any inch of my birthday which is left so hopefully writing this will actually make me feel like it's still my birthday...please?

So On Friday the 15th I went for beautiful meal with the family at a restaurant in the city where i live, we then went out...yes, me, my mother, father and brother, went out around town! (not the only one who is trying to cling to my youth clearly). We had plenty of drink, jager bombs and shots and by 2am we were staggering around the streets singing Oasis Wonderwall, that's what i call a successful family night out.

Saturday I did basically nothing all day apart from prepare myself for the mess which was in sight. Me and my 11 best friends gathered for presents, a Casio watch and heels, and pictures of us all looking glam. Then we hopped on a train to blackpool, vodka and wine in hand! Next stop...FUNNY GIRLS...a famously funny drag show. Multiple vodkas and laughs later we got a taxi home! This was possibly the greatest night of my life, if anyone ever thinks of going funny girls, don't think just go!

Finally, my actual birthday I woke up and received all my presents..too many to mention but my favourite was a 21 charm for my ever famous charm bracelet. Then my dad made his tacos, my favourite tea ever! and i just spent a perfect day with my amazing family chilling out and blowing out candles. Finally i spend the night having a relaxing bath in preparation for tomorrow/today where i'm having a night out with my housemate (whose birthday was on the 16th) and all our friends dressed as Harry Potter characters. PERFECT BIRTHDAY

Josephine Jane <3